Man's move with trolley highlights common car park annoyance: ‘What an imbecile’

The man was caught red-handed by a parked car's motion camera.

The man lifts the shopping trolley between the tight gap (left) before turning (middle) and squeezes it back through (right).
The shopper struggled to fit the shopping trolley between a car and a pillar in the Gold Coast car park, but choose to squeeze through it again instead of put it back in the bay. Source: Reddit

Whether trying to find a parking bay or waiting in long queues in an attempt to exit, car parks can be a frustrating place for busy drivers. But it appears one specific act, recently caught on camera, is what riles Aussies up the most.

Over the weekend one male shopper was caught attempting to put his shopping trolley back in the trolley bay after unloading his groceries in a Gold Coast car park, however, he seemingly gave up, instead leaving his trolley between two parked cars.

The shopping trolley left between two parked cars in the Gold Coast car park.
The shopper left the trolley between two parked cars, much to the annoyance of a car owner when they returned. Source: Reddit

In the footage, which was recorded by a parked car's motion camera, the man first stands beside a woman who appears to point into the distance before pushing a baby away in its pram. The man pushes the shopping trolley in the direction of her point, and manages to manoeuvre it through a tight space between a parked car and a pillar. However, he turns it around and then squeezes it back through, leaving it between two cars.

The owner of the car that recorded the footage shared it online and blasted the man's laziness.

"Disrespectful douchebags who leave their shopping cart beside your car," the car owner said, confirming the trolley was left beside their car.

The comments came rolling in online with many marvelling at the man's decision to leave the trolley between the cars, especially after he went to so much trouble trying to move it between the tight space in the first place.

"Imagine working that hard to be lazy. Weird," one said, while another said it would have been "just as quick" to walk it to the trolley bay, with the car owner confirming it was only "three or four cars away".

The car owner also accused the man of scratching the car by the pillar as he squeezed it through the gap.

"What an imbecile," they said, with many others confirmed this is their biggest "pet peeve".

"I have a potentially irrational amount hatred for people who don't put their trolleys away," one driver wrote.

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