Mum unable to use her car for hours after 'frustrating' parking act

The neighbour apologised to Mahlea Shayne, but then left without moving his car or helping her retrieve her belongings.

The sight of another car parked centimetres away from your own is enough to leave most drivers reeling, but the "frustrating" move by one neighbour left a woman unable to move her car for hours over the weekend.

Mahlea Shayne planned to get ready for her "week ahead" on Sunday and approached her car parked out on her residential street in Sydney like usual when she spotted an unknown car parked very close to the back of her own, leaving her unable to access the boot and retrieve belongings she needed for work.

"When I got to my car at around 9-10 am, I see there's a car parked so close to mine that I can't even access my boot," the expectant mum of one told Yahoo News. "Our apartment block doesn’t have parking so we need to find close and convenient street parking."

Expectant mum-of-one Mahlea Shayne grimaces at the camera (left) after she was unable to use her car for hours after her neighbour blocked her in (right).
Expectant mum-of-one Mahlea Shayne was unable to use her car for hours on Sunday after a neighbour blocked her on the Sydney street. Source: TikTok/mahlea__shaye

With another car also close in front she was unable to move her car enough to open the back. She said the owner of the car behind saw her and came over to apologise, acknowledging he had blocked her in, but still the car was not moved.

"I grabbed a quick coffee as I didn’t expect such an inconvenient park on his behalf to be left there all day, however when I got back hours later to retrieve my work gear (which [are] mops and vacuums) this man's car was still parked up against mine and over a driveway behind him," she said.

"How do you expect me to f**king get out of here."

Woman finally able to retrieve her belongings next day

Shayne was able to access her belongings on Monday morning after the car had disappeared but she did spot broken egg shells beside where his car was.

"I'm not sure if it was aimed at his car... but there were egg shells where his car was parked," she said.

"God forbid a woman's in the right about parking and driving."

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