'It’s rare': Shocked tour group films monster crocodiles battling in river

Two enormous crocodiles have been filmed in a stoush in front of a shocked tour group in the Northern Territory.

Andy Falconer, who runs Adelaide River Cruises, told Yahoo News Australia crocodiles Brutus and Dominator got into a fight over territory on Friday.

“Brutus was having something to eat just inside Dominator’s territory,” Mr Falconer said.

“We’d just fed Dominator about 700 to 800 metres away.”

Video shared on Facebook from the tour company shows Brutus about to enjoy a meal.

Brutus the crocodile is fed at Darwin's Adelaide River before he's attacked by Dominator – another croc.
Brutus enjoys some food before he's attacked. Source: Adelaide River Cruises

But out of nowhere, Dominator grabs him by the tail and pulls him down.

The pair thrash about.

“Wow,” a child is heard saying.

Mr Falconer says he did not see Dominator coming.

“They’ve just latched onto each other’s tails,” he says.

The pair continue to fight, almost completely submerged before the brawl stops and one of them leaves.

Mr Falconer said the pair knew each other well and had previously clashed over food. Brutus is 5.8 metres long and Dominator measures in at 5.5.

Brutus, a crocodile, is submerged with only his tail and feet visible. He's being attacked in Darwin's Adelaide River.
Brutus is pulled under water by his assailant. Source: Adelaide River Cruises
Two crocodiles are seen fighting by an Adelaide River Cruises tour group.
The pair finish their brawl before one of them swims off. Source: Adelaide River Cruises

Brutus is the older of the two and missing most of his teeth.

Mr Falconer added he was concerned during the video as Dominator’s attack caught him off guard.

“Brutus is already missing a leg and if he loses another one he’s on the sidelines for a while luckily there was no harm done,” he said.

“The pair are like our business partners. We also don’t see them close together often.”

Mr Falconer added the parents on board and children were “fantastic”.

“It’s rare to see something like that happen,” he said.

“But a lot of them got holiday videos and I’m sure they’ll remember that experience forever.”

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