Jason Momoa loves Australian 'grog'

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Jason Momoa loves "the grog" in Australia.
The 'Aquaman' hunk spent time on the Gold Ghost while he was filming the new DC Comics blockbuster, and while he loves "going out into nature" and sampling local cuisine, the booze was also a big part of it.
Speaking to the country's Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: "What makes Australia so beautiful I think is just the people, the great people who work hard and play hard and they have a great outlook on life...
"Going out into nature and just the food ... and mostly the grog."
The 39-year-old lived in the Barossa Valley for a few years in the past, and he remains a big fan of the nation.
Despite his image as a Hollywood tough guy, the actor recently revealed he has a soft side thanks to the influence of his mum Coni.
Admitting he got emotional on the set of 'Aquaman', he said: "I was constantly crying. I was raised by a single other and I'm very connected to my emotions."
Family is very important to Jason, who has two children with wife Lisa Bonet - daughter Lola Iolani, 10, and nine-year-old son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha - and he previously admitted his ideal day off is getting out "around nature" with his loved ones.
He said at the time: "Cuddling babies, kissing my wife, playing in the dirt, rock climbing, just being with my kids.
"I literally fly in, we do this, I fly back, and I have everything set up, we're going camping. I love being with my kids around nature."

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