Italian expat baffled by 'awful' Aussie supermarket products

A tourist has lambasted the Italian cuisine on offer at Australian supermarkets.

An Italian expat has revealed her thoughts on a selection of Australian supermarket items, and she didn't hold back. The tourist previously ranted about aspects of Aussie life and this time let loose about local versions of traditional Italian foods that "would send an Italian into a coma".

While shopping at Woolworths, the woman slammed SPC Tomato and Cheese Spaghetti, and Heinz Spaghetti with Meatballs. "So bad," she said of the pantry staples, and showed particular disgust at a slice of bread in the serving suggestion for Heinz Spaghetti and Sausage.

Italian woman rating Woolworths supermarket foods on TikTok
An Italian woman has slammed the quality of traditionally Italian foods on offer at Aussie supermarkets. Photo: TikTok/@bysacconji

The shopper also thumbed her nose at ready-made pasta dishes, including Continental Alfredo and Kraft Mac & Cheese. "That's insane," she said of McCain Beef & Bacon Pasta Bake, and when it came to Healthy Choice Creamy Chicken Carbonara, all she could muster was, "Oh my God."

Likewise, supermarket-brand pastas didn't make the cut, with the woman sounding a warning to her compatriots: "If you're an Italian living in Australia, never try the Woolies or Coles pasta. This is awful." Instead, she suggested La Molisana pasta imported from, you guessed it, Italy.

Woolworths shredded Mozzarella cheese; Kraft grated Parmesan cheese
Something is not right about these supermarket cheeses, according to the Italian expat. Source: TikTok/@bysacconji

Things really took a turn when she came across some of our cheese products. Holding up a packet of shredded Woolies Australian Mozzarella, she declared it "absolutely" not real Mozzarella, and she was completely dumbfounded by the powdery texture of Kraft grated Parmesan.

As for McCain Vegemite pizza, well, you can imagine how that went down with someone from the birthplace of the dish. In fact, she recommended fellow Italians never try Vegemite at all, in any form.

Aussies speak up

Some Australian viewers hit back at the woman's blistering critique, defending local supermarket goods. "Tinned spaghetti ain't about the spaghetti, it's about the experience. That's a tin of childhood right there," argued one, while another stated, "McCain frozen meals slap. RESPECT, LEARN IT!"

However, others concurred with the Italian expat's assessment, for the most part. "I'm Australian and agree! I make my own pasta and sauces," one viewer wrote. "I agree. Most of these things I would not eat either, except maybe the packet mozzarella haha," laughed a second.

Honourable mentions

While the woman mostly noted what she didn't like, and also took issue with the price of chips in Australia, she did share positive feedback about a few items she thinks Italian's would love, including Cadbury Caramilk, Mars flavoured Pods, and most surprisingly, Woolworths brand garlic bread.

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