Little-known trick to scoring free Woolworths groceries

Customers have been getting everything from free blueberries to chocolates and fabric softener.

As supermarket prices continue to skyrocket, most Aussies would welcome any tips on getting more bang for their bucks at the checkout. Well, as one Woolworths shopper discovered, getting bonuses when you order groceries could be as easy as ticking a box.

"Just found this little gem tonight in the 'manage preferences' part of my account," the customer posted on Facebook alongside a screenshot of the Woolies site. "Never new it existed. Wishing I new sooner."

The little-known setting can be found beneath the option to substitute unavailable items, and reads: "Sample (A whole lot of great food to try. Free!) Would you like to receive free samples from time to time?"

Woolworths logo on phone screen; Screenshot from Woolies website
Shoppers have shared a tip for getting free groceries when you order online from Woolies. Source: Getty, Woolworths

Surprise freebies

Some Woolworths shoppers said they'd already been sent free samples, without realising they'd opted in to receive them. "I must have got free samples today. Got a box of chocolates and some cuddly fabric softener that I didn't order," shared one happy mum.

"Maybe why I got blueberries yesterday," responded another, while a third said, "I have gotten stuff before. Mostly when my daughter was young and I was buying nappies and formula etc. I'd get baby food samples and kid's vitamins."

Customers missing out

However, other Woolies customers said that despite opting in for free samples, they've never received any. "I've always had it. Never ever had a sample," complained one shopper. "Mine is ticked 'yes' for free samples. However I shop weekly and have never received one sample," echoed someone else.

Another shopper said that while she had received free samples once, it wasn't from her local Woolworths. "I think it depends on the store. We went on holidays to Townsville for three weeks and in that time got free milk and nappies yet get nothing when home in Victoria," she said.

Woolworths workers were also sceptical about the free sample program. "I was an online manager for years. Never did we get samples to give to anyone," one former employee replied. "I don't think this setting does anything. If so the workers don't know about it. There are never samples to give," agreed a current Woolies staffer.

Woolworths has been approached for clarification about how free samples are distributed.

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