Island job comes with accommodation and a car – but no Aussie wants it

It's an opportunity for a chef to work in paradise, with no need to worry about accommodation, but this restaurant says it's struggling to fill the ostensibly desirable vacancy.

Located on Queensland's North Stradbroke, Restaurant Sealevel 21 is looking for a new chef and the owners are willing to cover accommodation and the cost of a car.

Despite the added benefits, plus the opportunity to work on the scenic island, the venue is struggling to fill the position, just like many other hospitality businesses around the country amid labor shortages.

Wooden stairs leading down to Frenchman's beach at Point Lookout,North Stradbroke Island,Queensland,Australia
A restaurant on North Stradbroke Island is trying to find a new chef. Source: Getty Images

"Hospitality is in a major staffing crisis at the moment and I don't think we're alone in that struggle," co-owner Lee Takirau told the Today Show on Friday.

She added she and Andy Morrison aren't quitters, so they decided to tackle the issue "head-on" and throw everything at the wall to get the staff they need.

To get people interested, the two have started a TikTok account to showcase what life on North Stradbroke Island is like, and hopefully get some people on board.

Andy Morrison (left) is eager to hire a new chef at Sealevel 21, and is hoping for someone who is passionate. Source: TikTok/Facebook
Andy Morrison (left) is eager to hire a new chef at Sealevel 21, and is hoping for someone who is passionate. Source: TikTok/Facebook

Restaurant turns to TikTok to fill position

Mr Morrison estimated thousands of dollars had been spent on traditional advertising, so they decided to "join the cool kids" and try and get some attention on social media.

"We have an amazing lifestyle on the island – fishing, diving, surfing," he said.

"We just thought maybe someone will see it who wouldn't look on the traditional methods of advertising."

The TikTok video advertising the position shows Mr Morrison running with a surfboard to the water, along with some shots of the island's natural beauty.

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They're not even after a qualified chef. Ms Takirau and Mr Morrison are willing to take someone on who is eager to start their food journey and is simply passionate.

"We're just looking for the right person," they said.

"Two days off a week, the same two days off every week, so they can build a lifestyle on the island, catch your own fish, you know, take a surf ... and really lead that life."

Hospitality workers have been highly sought after since Australia reopened its borders, with some businesses evening offering a $10,000 bonus.

Two years of closed borders meant Australia couldn't welcome the usual level of skilled workers and university students. Both groups make up a decent part of the industry.

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