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Investigation opened after UK man pelted with traffic cones by boozy fire crew before being pepper sprayed by cops

Fire chiefs and police are investigating after a man claims he was pelted with traffic cones by a ''drunk'' crew member - and then pepper sprayed by ''bungling'' cops.

Bloodied Graham Crees needed hospital treatment for head wounds after a mob threw the cones at him after he confronted them outside his home.

The incident, which was captured on CCTV, shows the revellers initially fooling around with the cones, which had been placed on the road as part of a self-build project.

But when Graham confronted them about their behaviour, he was attacked with multiple cones smashing into his face.

And he was injured further when cops arrived and considered HIM the aggressor and forcibly arrested him with use of a spray.

After a night in cells, Graham was released with no further action with cops accepting mobile phone footage corroborated his version of events.

While recovering from his injuries, he took on the role of private detective and claims he identified at least one of his alleged attackers as being a firefighter for Avon Fire and Rescue.

This has prompted a statement from the service who labelled the footage "disturbing" and promised a full internal investigation.

Graham, 56, of Bristol, said the cones were in place as he was due to have 'water connection' done on his self-build project on Easter Sunday morning.