WATCH: Sleeping teens saved from tracks by cops as train bears down

Two teenage boys are lucky to be alive after a frightening near miss at a train station north of Adelaide's city centre.

In bizarre scenes, the intoxicated pair fell asleep on the tracks and had to be removed by police.

The horrified train driver slammed on the brakes and got straight on the radio.

"I've just gone through Ovingham and there's two kids laying on the up track, right in the middle of the track, in the middle of the platform, and they're not moving. They're just laying on the track," he's heard saying.

The intoxicated teenagers were laying in the middle of the train tracks. Photo: 7 News
Police quickly rushed to the scene to remove the youths. Photo: 7 News

Police were quick to arrive on the scene in the early hours of Tuesday morning and frantically tried to wake the pair.

A police officer is heard saying "Hey, hey, wake up, c'mon get off the train tracks. You alright?"

It was a race against time to get the clearly intoxicated youths to the safety of the plaform.

Both officers were needed to remove one of them.

The teens were questioned and searched but let go without charge.

Two officers were required to remove one of the youths. Photo: 7 News

Shockingly, it's reportedly the second time in a week someone's had to be removed from the tracks.

"You've got near misses that happen on a regular basis; that's a weekly occurence," a Rail Union spokesperson said.

"Some train drivers have been involved in fatalities."

However, the transport minister says he is happy with safety measures.

Local residents said that trouble at the station was commonplace. Photo: 7 News

"There's good lighting, there's good CCTV, so there's no excuse for these two people to have found themselves on the rail lines," Stephen Mullighan said.

Local residents say trouble at the station is common, with a number of incidents occuring in recent times.

"It is a bit dodgy around here at times," one resident told 7 News.