Internet erupts over wild detail in reporter's live TV segment

A journalist reporting on Hurricane Ian was getting a lot of questions about what she had covering her microphone.

And it turns out, it was exactly what people thought.

Reporting for NBC2, Kyla Galer protected her microphone as the storm hit so the show could go on while out in the field reporting on Hurricane Ian in Florida.

She then got a heap of questions about what was on her mic, so she ended up addressing it on Instagram.

"It is what you think it is, it’s a condom," she said.

"It helps protect the gear, we can’t get these mics wet. There’s a lot of wind and a lot of rain, so we gotta do what we gotta do, and that is put a condom on the microphone.”

Pictured is the condom on NBC2 journalist Kyla Galer's microphone, while she reports on Hurricane Ian.
NBC2 journalist Kyla Galer explained why she had a condom on her microphone while reporting on Hurricane Ian. Source: Instagram/Kyla Galer

ABC7 journalist Jeff Butera chimed in on Twitter and made light of the fact his "Waterman Broadcasting colleague" Galer had been taking a lot of questions about the condom.

"We practice safe hurricane reporting" he wrote on Twitter.

"Yes, it's a condom. Nothing better to waterproof a microphone."

People seemed to love the condom hack, which was branded "the hack of all hacks" on Twitter and most people found the whole thing to be quite hilarious.

There were plenty of remarks and questions about the size of both the condom and the microphone.

Hurricane Ian decimates Florida's southwest

Hurricane Ian left a path of destruction in southwest Florida.

People were left trapped in their flooded homes as Ian touched down in the southwest of the state and moved inland and to the Atlantic Coast.

Along Florida’s Gulf Coast, the storm surge flooded a lower-level emergency room in a hospital even as fierce winds ripped away part of the roof from its intensive care unit, according to a doctor who works there.

Water gushed down onto the ICU, forcing staff to evacuate the hospital’s sickest patients — some of whom were on ventilators — to other floors, said Dr Birgit Bodine of HCA Florida Fawcett Hospital.

Downed palm fronds collect on an empty downtown intersection as Hurricane Ian approaches Florida’s Gulf Coast in Sarasota, Florida, U.S. September  28, 2022. REUTERS/Steve Nesius
Hurricane Ian has left a trail of destruction in Florida. Source: Reuters

Staff members used towels and plastic bins to try to mop up the sodden mess.

Authorities across the state have received calls from people trapped in their homes, or from people who were worried about loved ones.

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