Inside the 'beautiful' McDonald's housed in $3 million mansion

Ash Cant
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A McDonald's inside a Georgian-style mansion, that was purchased for US$1 million in 1986 (US$2.4 million or more than AU$3 million now), has been dubbed 'most beautiful in the US'.

Located on Long Island, in the state of New York, the New Hyde Park McDonald's is not what you would expect from a fast-food joint.

In 1986, McDonald's purchased a Georgian-style mansion for US$1 million, and restored the structure to make way for a new restaurant and it opened in 1991.

The exterior of the McDonald's inside a Georgian-style mansion on Long Island, New York.
In the 1980s, McDonald's purchased a mansion in New York, restoring the property and making for a "beautiful" dining experience. Source: Yelp!

The sign on the house is in black, as opposed to the traditional colours of red, yellow and white usually associated with the fast-food chain, though a sign at the car park's entrance bears the the iconic golden arches.

According to Insider, which dubbed it the 'most beautiful McDonald's in the US', the home was originally a farmhouse, was built in 1795 and home to the Denton family.

The integrity of the structure remains since McDonald's took over the building but, according to Insider, a few details have been tweaked, with the original green shutters being painted black.

The structure is a historical landmark, meaning McDonald's cannot alter too much without government approval, The Takeout noted.

Interiors of the McDonald's on the Jericho Turnpike.
While McDonald's restored the property, little changes have been made, keeping the integrity of the mansion formerly owned by the Denton family. Source: TripAdvisor

The inside of the McDonald's is immaculate, combining the historical features which make the restaurant unique with a contemporary counter and technology which would be familiar to modern consumers.

The bifurcated staircase allows people to eat on the upper level and people can watch the traffic go by on the Jericho Turnpike from the windows.

"The inside and outside are beautiful," one person said in an online review. 

"You can order either at the counter or on a touch-screen."

Online the restaurant has pretty favourable reviews, with many marvelling at the architecture and cosiness of the Denton House McDonald's.

A McCafe coffee sits on a table as Denton House's bifurcated staircase is seen in the background is pictured left. On the right is the counter inside the McDonald's.
Some of the historical features remain, while the dining experience is what most McDonald's customers are familiar with. Source: TripAdvisor

"I know that the Historic Denton House has been open for over 20 years now, but it never fails to grab my attention whenever I drive down Jericho Turnpike," one person said on TripAdvisor. 

"I'm sure it is a destination eatery for many families. McDonald's should continue the restoration and conversion of historic places of interest into stores, thus saving them from the wrecking ball. 

"This McDonald's is a wonderful place to have your fries with that burger."

The majority of the people said the food was pretty standard for McDonald's — nothing overly fancy just "what you expect". 

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