Incredibly dodgy detail on Aussie number plates leads to shocking find

Road users have been known to alter their licence plates to avoid detection from roadside cameras and police. But not quite like this.

A NSW Police car by the side of the road and an inset of a number plate which was tampered with.
The driver's attempt to mislead police and roadside cameras ultimately backfired in the biggest possible way. Source: Getty and Facebook

A driver's attempt to mislead authorities has backfired spectacularly. Instead of evading scrutiny, his bizarre effort actually led police to exactly what he was trying to conceal.

On Sunday a silver Holden Commodore first caught the attention of police after it was being driven 20 km/h over the speed limit in Bankstown, in Sydney's south west. But it was the driver's unusual-looking number plates that sparked particular interest from officers.

The number plates were a combination of wrong numbers and made-up letters after the man appeared to have used a black pen to tamper with them in order to make identification difficult.

Both number plates with blue pen on it obscuring the numbers and letters.
The driver used blue pen to alter the numbers and letter on the number plate. Source: Facebook

Once the driver was stopped he admitted it was the second of the day, with officers suspending his licence in Batemans Bay on the South Coast that same afternoon after he failed a road side drug test.

This prompted a second drug test which he again failed and the police officers subsequently searched his car, finding a "small resealable bag containing a crystal like substances believed to be prohibited drugs".

However not satisfied they had found everything, officers took the man to the police station where they soon got their hands dirty.

Officers "suspected he was still hiding something". This suspicion prompted them to undergo a final search at the station where they located a second bag of prohibited drugs.

"Officers located another resealable bag hidden in his rectum containing more prohibited drugs," highway patrol officers wrote online.

A resealable bag of prohibited drugs which look like crystals.
A resealable bag of prohibited drugs were found inside the man's rectum. Source: Facebook

The driver was charged with speeding, breaching bail conditions, driving with a suspended licence, possessing drugs and driving with altered number plates — which incurs a fine of $464 alone.

He will now face court.

Controversial number plate decisions are not exactly uncommon on Australia roads, with drivers known to choose personalised combinations with hidden meanings that are in some cases light-hearted and in other cases contain politically charged messages. Meanwhile other drivers have been caught with heavily tampered number plates to avoid detection from roadside cameras and toll collectors, and another Sydney driver was recently caught sporting not one, but two plates, to conceal their true vehicle identification.

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