Incredible moment flying roo launches across driver's windscreen

An incredibly close encounter between a kangaroo and oncoming traffic has been recorded on a couple’s dashcam.

In the video from GWN7 News, the marsupial appears to come out of nowhere before launching in front of the driver’s windscreen.

The video was captured on a country road between Donnybrook and Bunbury, in southwest Western Australia.

Incredible footage shows the animal first avoiding a major accident with a different car travelling in the right lane, which reportedly clipped the animal accidentally.

The roo appears to have clipped another car before it flew through the air. Source: GWN7 News
Dashcam shows the kangaroo in full flight across the driver’s windscreen in Western Australia. Source: GWN7 News

The kangaroo is then seen flying in front of the couple’s car – narrowly avoiding the vehicle as it soars past.

GWN7 News reports that the couple looked around to check on the roo and it seemed unhurt as it hopped away. 

A couple of months ago a  cyclist travelling at 65km/h was lucky to escape with only minor injuries after a kangaroo crashed into him on  a popular east Perth training route. 

And in February a Perth man cheated death after he collided with a kangaroo while riding his motorbike to work.