'Crazy stuff': Passengers shaken after plane skids off runway during rainstorm

A Southwest Airlines plane has skidded off the runway during a rainstorm after landing at Los Angeles’ Burbank Airport.

The jet, carrying 117 passengers, came to a halt when it entered the airport’s Engineered Material Arresting System beyond the runway on Thursday morning (local time), CBS Los Angeles reported.

There are no reported injuries from the incident.

The plane made visible tracks in the airport’s EMAS. Source: CNN
Passengers were evacuated from the aircraft. Source: Storyful

The EMAS consists of absorbing materials designed to rapidly slow aircrafts if they travel beyond the runway.

Images shows the EMAS ripped up by the aircraft where it overran the runway.

Passengers were seen evacuating from the aircraft via an inflatable slide shortly after.

A passenger believed to have been on board the flight took to Instagram to reveal their ordeal.

“We are alive. The plane was a few feet from plowing thru (sic) the barrier and taking out numerous cars. Crazy stuff,” they wrote.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the incident involving Flight 278 at 9.05am.