'I'll miss you mate': Community mourns 'humble lad' crushed to death by tractor

A South Australian community is mourning the shock loss of a young man, who has been crushed to death by a tractor on the family farm, on the outskirts of Tanunda in the Barossa Valley. 

This was no workplace accident. It is believed 22-year-old Stanley Dier had simply been lending a hand on his family’s property.

The vineyard equipment operator was working on a hay processing machine when he was crushed by a tractor.

His injuries were so severe that he died at the scene.

The Tanunda community is mourning the shock loss of a young man who has been crushed to death by a tractor on his family farm. Source: 7News

Colleagues have paid tribute to the young man who is described as a loveable lad with a cracking sense of humour. 

“I don’t know how long it will take to get over this but, it just, we’ll never forget Stan. Never,” colleague Lincoln Grocke told 7News. 

Mr Grocke said the 22-year-old was a man with a strong passion for agriculture and motorbikes.

The 22-year-old is remembered as a man with a strong passion for agriculture. Source: 7 News.

“He doesn’t blow his bags at all, he’s just a very humble lad,” he said.

“But you get him talking about anything, about farming and stuff, and he’d just chat away for ages about it – just loved it.”

It is the second fatal farm accident in less than two weeks after 75-year-old Dominik Betschart was crushed by a hay bale in a freak accident at Willunga Hill, south of Adelaide.

“We have to wait until the investigation’s been conducted to find out what the problem is,” Industrial Relations Minister Rob Lucas said.

On Saturday, family members of those who have died in workplace accidents gathered in Adelaide to release doves.

It was a symbolic gesture to pay tribute to their loved ones.

The Tanunda community is now remembering one if its own.

“I’ll miss you mate and … rest in peace,” Mr Grocke said.