IGA shopper scores FREE grocery haul for selfless act

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An IGA customer has taken to social media to reveal that she scored a bunch free grocery items for a very unexpected reason.

The Victorian woman posted a photo to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, showing off her impressive nine-item haul.

The shopper was already thrilled to have located the products on sale, but then ended up receiving them for free after a selfless in-store act.

"I went to my local IGA and I was already so happy with the markdowns, considering the cauliflower was $4.59 down to one dollar and the corn was $6.99 down to two dollars," she wrote.

Corn, onion, cauliflower, carrots and cabbage all marked down to $1 and $2 each at IGA. Source: Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia
An IGA customer was delighted to be rewarded with top quality veggies. Source: Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia

"But I also ended up catching a bird that had flown into the produce department."

The woman said that the staff members were so appreciative of her act, that they decided to reward her with free vegetables.

"I released it back outside and the staff said I could have all of my markdowns for free!" she said.

In the comments section the woman shared how she is putting her free vegetables to good use.

"I've already made cauliflower fried rice, and the rest of the vegetables will go into a healthy chicken curry," she said.

The woman also said that she planned to plant the roots of her spring onion.

'Hero': Group responds to IGA act

The woman's Facebook post has garnered a significant amount of attention from the group, earning hundreds of likes and dozens of comments.

Group members were torn over whether they were more impressed with the woman's act of saving the bird, or her impressive markdown haul.

"That's an awesome score, plus helping the bird is so good," one group member commented.

"Good things come to people who help animals," wrote a second.

"So many birds aren't so lucky, good for you!" added a third.

"Love it when quality veggies are on sale, well done," said a fourth.

An IGA team member also chimed in on the post, telling the woman that she "loves it" when customers help in these situations.

"I love this so much," she commented.

Another group member labelled the poster "heroine of the day," while another joked, "hence the saying 'a bird in the hand is worth free markdowns or two in the bush.'"

Group tracks down best Back to School buys

Another thrifty Markdown Addicts Australia group member has informed members that her local Coles is running an unbeatable Back to School sale.

Posting a series of photos to the group, the Queensland woman told members that she found lunch boxes for one dollar, and pencil case items, including glue and pens, for as low as 43 cents.

"I was just at Coles in Aspley and I found these," she wrote.

Back to School supplies display at a Coles store with sales stickers showing most items under $1.Source: Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia
Group members were frantically trying to figure out if their local Coles was also running the sale. Source: Facebook/Markdown Addicts Australia

The post quickly earned hundreds of interactions, with many excited group members tagging their friends in the comments section.

"What bargains!" one member wrote.

"Get in quick, the section will be stripped soon," said another.

"Heading to Coles ASAP!" commented a third.

"I need to go to Coles this afternoon, wish me luck!" added a fourth.

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