IGA store's blunt note to shoppers about 'shocking' toilet paper prices

While many shoppers across Australia continue to struggle to get their hands on toilet paper, one store has revealed why they are being forced to charge $3.47 for single rolls.

A customer posted a photo, believed to have been taken at an IGA in WA, of a note attached to the toilet paper aisle explaining the increased prices.

“This is our cost price on this product as we are shocked how much we were being charged,” the sign read.

Image of the toilet rolls and sign
Staff posted a note next to the toilet paper explaining the prices. Source: Facebook

The store revealed they were having trouble with their supplier and had made the tough choice to waive their profits in order to provide customers with toilet paper.

“We have not been able to get adequate toilet paper supply recently through our regular suppliers.

“We figure it is better to offer our customers something that is expensive than nothing at all.

“We are not making one cent from this product due to the current circumstances.

“Thank you for your support,” the sign read.

Facebook users said they had observed similar prices at other stores, however, this was the highest they had seen.

“Our news agency have them for $2 each,” one person responded.

“Our IGA were selling two rolls in a plastic bag for $3.50 about three weeks ago,” another person added.

Some people applauded the store for doing its best to supply customers.

“It’s criminal! Good on IGA for doing their best to get toilet paper,” a user commented.

Yahoo News Australia has seen the invoice showing that the store is actually losing 5 cents for each carton of toilet paper sold.

Selling toilet rolls for cost price is not the only good deed the Corfield Fresh location is doing amid coronavirus, store manager Ben Heptinstall told Yahoo News that they have provided customers with free bread and milk to help support the struggling community.

“A lot of people lost work over this pandemic and we are lucky being in retail that we haven’t been impacted by coronavirus so we should give something back to the community,” Mr Heptinstall said.

The customer who shared the image online also told Yahoo News Australia the store’s management had been doing a “ridiculously good job” in helping those in the local community who are struggling through the outbreak.

Many social media users questioned the supplier and how they could defend such a high mark up.

“Who is the supplier. That is disgusting. Needs to be reported to your local MP. This is called profiteering!” an angry person responded.

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