'I can see you': Woman's disturbing iPhone message from stranger

Nadine Carroll
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A woman has shared the terrifying moment she received an anonymous message on her iPhone that claimed someone was watching her while she was shopping at Bondi Junction Westfield in Sydney.

The woman wrote about the incident later in a local Bondi Facebook group hoping to deter others who were thinking of sending a similar message, saying it left her feeling so unsafe that she immediately jumped in an Uber and went home.

"Has anyone else had this happen to them today?" she asked showing the AirDrop attempt with the disturbing message: "I can see you …. Guess who?"

The AirDrop request said the sender was attempting to send a video to the woman, which she declined.

A woman looking at her phone as she gets into a car
A woman has received an anonymous message on her iPhone that read someone was watching her while she was shopping at Bondi Junction Westfield. It left her so spooked, she caught an Uber home. Source Getty/Facebook

'It really freaked me out'

The woman described it as "the weirdest and most uncomfortable thing" and was forced to leave just so she could feel safe.

"I was walking around Bondi junction and someone attempted to air drop a picture to me... I felt so uncomfortable and unsafe, after obviously being watched I decided to get in an Uber to go home," she explained.

The woman warned any pranksters who thought the joke was funny to find a new gimmick.

"If the person who did this is reading this (I doubt it though) please don’t do this to anyone else, it’s extremely uncomfortable..." she wrote.

Members of the group suggested it may have been one of her friends but she quickly ruled that out after asking them.

"I checked with all my friends who live in the area, it was none of them," she replied.

"It really freaked me out."

Shoppers at Bondi Junction Westfield
The woman was shopping at Bondi Junction Westfield when she recieved the 'uncomfrotable' message. Source: Getty

'What an over reaction'

While the majority of the members in the group sympathised with the woman and assisted her with adjusting her settings to only allow contacts to send Air Drops, one user thought she was overreacting.

"What an overreaction," a man wrote.

The comment drew a strong reaction from others who felt the woman had every right to be concerned.

"Not an overreaction mate. Given what women have to put up with their entire lives you and I, as men, have no idea. I reckon it's creepy anyway, let alone being a woman having to deal with it. Pull your head in pal," another man replied.

'Women deserve to feel safe'

"In the English speaking west our cultural norms dictate that this kind of behaviour is inappropriate because it's threatening," another person wrote.

"Women deserve to feel safe in public (& private)," a user agreed.

A few others shared they had similar experiences throughout the years that didn't end well, either by being sent images of nudity or gore that they didn't want to see.

"It says more about them than you please don’t feel unsafe just look as it someone acting outside of social norms and perhaps not aware of making another human uncomfortable," one woman wrote.

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