Huge python relocated after seeking refuge in Queensland home

The sheer size of a massive scrub python found inside a Queensland home is shocking hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Megan Prouse filmed a five-minute-long clip on Friday morning of the snake, said to weigh about 40 kilograms and measure about 5.5 metres in length, being removed from her friend’s house in Mission Beach.

That footage has now been viewed close to three million times in two days.

“I’d never seen one that size before, it was like a movie,” Ms Prouse told Yahoo7, adding that the creature was “beautiful”.

The large reptile was found inside a North Queensland home on Friday morning. Source: Megan Prouse/ Facebook

The homeowner is believed to have spotted the snake in her laundry at about 4.30 that morning.

“She was just walking around her house and the dog was barking at something and she just came out and saw it curled up in the corner,” the homeowner’s friend Megan said.

“It just had a meal and was looking for somewhere to sleep it off.”

Three dogs live at the property so a snake catcher was called to relocate the large reptile.

The snake, which weighed about 40 kilograms, was described as being ‘insanely’ strong. Source: Megan Prouse/ Facebook
The snake was so large it was difficult to keep it in this bag so an onlooker grabbed a doona cover. Source: Megan Prouse/ Facebook

Due to the sheer size of the snake, a relative of the homeowner stepped in to help the snake catcher who had been called to remove the reptile.

“It was a lot bigger than was expected but we made do,” Ms Prouse said.

It didn’t want to squeeze in the snake catcher’s black bag so an onlooker was asked to grab a doona cover.

Ms Prouse also added it was “insane” how strong the reptile was.