Pilot survives 36 days in remote jungle on just bread and water

A pilot has miraculously survived almost 40 days stranded in the Amazon jungle after he crashed his plane.

Antonio Sena crashed his plane in the middle of the jungle on January 28 when he lost his engine after taking off from Alenquer in a northern region of Brazil, on the banks of the Amazon River.

He escaped the crash with just a few minor injuries, according to Brazilian news station R7, and survived for 36 days by eating the bread he took with him and by drinking rainwater.

After being stranded in the Amazon for more than a month, Mr Sena was rescued when he stumbled across farmers harvesting chestnuts.

Anthony Sena crashed his plane on January 28. Source: Instagram
Anthony Sena crashed his plane on January 28. Source: Instagram

The Mirror reports Mr Sena was dehydrated, weak and had lost a significant amount of weight when he found the group.

The farmers then lit a fire as an SOS signal which saw search and rescue teams reach them on March 6.

Pilot says 'desire to see family' kept him alive in Amazon

Footage aired on Brazilian television showed Mr Sena reunited with family and friends after he went missing two days before his 36th birthday. Another video shows the moment the lost pilot is found.

"The only thing that kept me strong and enabled me to come out of that situation alive was the love I have for my family, the desire I had to see my parents and brother and sister again," he said according to The Mirror.

"It's a story of love and faith."

The pilot added a chainsaw alerted him to the nearby nut farmers and he almost drowned as he crossed a stream to reach them.

He later thanked people for not giving up on him during the days he was missing.

Mr Sena was taken to hospital for monitoring but has since been discharged.

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