Marjorie Taylor Greene Swung at a Drag Queen—and Missed


Texas Drag queen Brigitte Bandit, who fancies herself as a “Dolly Parton tribute artist,” unknowingly walked into Marjorie Taylor Greene’s confused crosshairs on Tuesday when she spoke to CNN about her mission to Capitol Hill this week.

Bandit, who was in D.C. to lobby lawmakers on the Equality Act and the Transgender Bill of Rights, spoke to CNN’s Sara Sidner on Wednesday about the importance of the bill.

“It’s very scary for queer people to exist in a time where we see this kind of rhetoric being pushed by our lawmakers,” Bandit said in response to a video of former President Donald Trump telling a campaign rally crowd that he would cut funding from schools that teach “transgender insanity.”

It wasn’t long before her appearance showed up on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) radar and she found herself in a back-and-forth with the congresswoman over X.

“No, what’s scary is men pretending to be women reading gender cult lying books to our children, provocatively dancing nearly nude in public spaces, and taking over our bathrooms, sports, and private spaces,” Greene wrote in response to Bandit on X. “Women and children need protection from them.”

The next day, Bandit corrected the record, telling Greene that she was actually born a woman.

“You are just proving that gender is socially constructed and have no idea what you’re talking about and why you should have no say in our lives,” Bandit added.

Bandit’s fans piled on Greene in her replies as well.

“But it's so scary when someone wears bold eyeliner and a cool outfit!!" one wrote.

“I was unaware of you previously, but you've pointed up that it should never matter how any of us were born. As Americans, we should be free to live as we choose, so long as we don't harm others, of course. BTW, as an old straight guy, you look fabul,” another wrote.

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