'He's invisible': Alan Jones drags Rugby chairman into Israel Folau saga

Alan Jones has made some startling new claims about the real villain in the Israel Folau saga.

The radio broadcaster and former Wallabies coach has been a staunch supporter of Folau and his right to express his religious beliefs.

But rather than solely blame Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle for sacking Folau, Jones has dragged chairman Cameron Clyne into the mess.

In his weekly column for The Australian, Jones said he feels some sympathy for Castle.

“Surely she works under the direction of the board and the chairman, Cameron Clyne,” he wrote on Friday.

“They must therefore have approved of her decision to dismiss Folau.”

Rugby Australia chairman Cameron Clyne speaks to the media. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Jones quoted another writer, who asked: “Where is that bold hero, the chairman? He should be standing beside her accepting his share of the odium and the slings and arrows of disgusted, disenchanted former Rugby supporters and ticket-buyers.”

As Jones opines: “Clyne, being Clyne, has become invisible.”

Court action looming?

Folau has reportedly contacted one of the country’s leading workplace relations lawyers as he considers taking legal action against RA.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Folau has been in contact with Stuart Wood QC about his next move in the ongoing battle with his former employers.

Wood is said to be highly-experienced in unlawful termination cases where free speech is the central issue.

Israel Folau and Raelene Castle. Image: Getty

The Herald says Folau hasn’t decided on legal action quite yet, but is leaning towards taking RA to court with Wood as his lawyer.

If the matter goes to the Supreme Court, it is believed Folau will sue on contractual grounds.

However he also has the option of contesting his termination at the Fair Work Commission on religious grounds.

If he decides on the second option, he’ll have until June 10 to lodge his complaint.