'He's in the lines': Why Toyota driver's parking is dividing opinion

Josh Dutton
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A truck driver has divided opinion over his parking job at a petrol station.

Video uploaded to TikTok by Joshua Auina, from Auckland, shows two vehicles parked next to each other: a white truck and a black Toyota.

A man walks over to the cars and inspects them. He appears confused as to how to get his Toyota out as Mr Auina, the driver of the truck, films from inside a store.

A truck and a Toyota are pictured parked next to each other in Auckland.
Do you think the driver of this Toyota is at fault? Source: TikTok/ Joshua Auina

The man's Toyota is parked on a slight angle with his front right tyre on the white parking space line.

Given the angle the Toyota is parked at, and how far to the right it is in the space, the owner of the Toyota can’t open his door due to how close it is to the truck.

It’s not clear if Mr Auina intentionally parked the truck this way to teach the Toyota driver a lesson.

He added the space next to the Toyota is a disabled bay and no one was parked there.

Mr Auina wrote in the comments section he “sat there laughing” watching the man trying to determine how to get out. He added he also watched the man park his Toyota.

Viewers debate who is the parking villain

On TikTok, people were at odds as to whether the Toyota driver had parked incorrectly.

One man wrote the driver “is in the lines”, while another woman wrote it “just seems like tight parking spaces”.

“He’s in the line and the car on the other side looks pretty close too,” she wrote.

However, one man wrote if the man parked correctly, “why can’t he get in?”

“Riddle me that,” he said.

One woman added it would have taken “two seconds” for the owner of the Toyota to reverse before driving back in at a straight angle.

“No sympathy,” she wrote.

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