'Privileged t***': Audi driver slammed for careless disabled park

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A torrent of abuse has been levelled at the driver of an Audi who parked partially over a disabled parking bay at a shopping centre.

The luxury vehicle was spotted outside Mason Central, a shopping centre in Mawson Lakes, north of Adelaide, and uploaded to a “name and shame” Instagram account.

The post was seen by more than 3000 people within hours of the photo being shared, with some Instagram users leaving angry comments directed at the driver.

The vehicle was parked with its front facing a set of sliding doors at an entrance point to the centre, blocking a significant portion of the disabled bay next to it.

Photo shows a blue Audi parked partially over a disabled parking spot.
This driver has been slammed for parking over a disabled car space. Source: Instagram/shitadelaide

There appeared to be about a metre from a row of bollards to the driver’s side door, suggesting there was no shortage of space on the other side of the disabled spot.

Among those to condemn the driver was a man particularly upset because his mum was one of many people who relied on disabled parking bays.

“My mum shops here and is disabled. If I see this flog parked like this I’ll key it,” he wrote in a comment.

“Seriously some people think they are above the rules. Privileged tw*t,” someone else wrote.

Of the small potion of people to give the driver the benefit of the doubt was one person who suggested the driver possibly needed the extra space to get out of the car.

“If he parked correctly how could he open his door? Still an a-hole for blocking a disabled park though,” they wrote.

Someone else, no doubt sarcastically, said they were shocked the driver had a disability.

“Disabled Audi driver, colour me surprised,” they wrote in a comment.

Drivers caught using a disability parking space without a permit can be fined $390 in South Australia.

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