Man fumes at rider's 'ignorant' act in Bunnings carpark

A Victorian man has confronted a motorcycle rider for parking between designated disability spaces in a Bunnings carpark.

A photo posted to Facebook shows a red motorcycle parked on yellow hatched marking in the middle of two disabled parking spaces in the Geelong suburb of Leopold.

“I said to rider ‘good thing I don't have a wheelchair’. He explained to me that motorbikes can park anywhere, even on footpaths. Besides there is no sign saying ‘NO BIKE PARKING’,” the upset man wrote in the Disability Parking Wall of Shame Facebook group.

“I tried to explain to him how ignorant he was, but it fell on deaf ears.”

A motorcycle parked between two disability parking bays in a Victorian Bunnings carpark
Debate has raged on social media over the parking of a motorcycle between two disability parking bays in Victoria. Source: Facebook

The image sparked debate between social media users about whether or not the act was allowed.

“In Victoria bikes can park almost anywhere, as long as they’re not obstructing pedestrians, or other traffic. But In the hatched part of a disability area? No!” one person responded.

“In Victoria there is no law for parking on yellow lines,” another person stated.

“Motorbike riders seem to think the laws don't apply to them. I’ve seen this happen so many times at shopping centres, and security don't seem to care either,” a third wrote.

One motorbike rider was also quick to defend himself.

“I ride a motorcycle, I don't give a flying f*** what the law says! I would never park on a cross hatched area impeding disability ingress and egress. It's not just whether or not you CAN park there, it's also about whether or not you SHOULD!” the rider commented.

Bunnings Regional Operations manager Tony Manzone told Yahoo News Australia in a statement they wanted stores to be accessible to all customers and provided disabled car parking close to store entrances.

“This can include providing additional space between disabled car bays to make it easier for customers to get in and out of vehicles which is painted in yellow stripes,” he said.

“We ask customers to do the right thing and keep this area clear and we thank them for their cooperation.”

Is it illegal?

While it is not clear whether motorcyclists are legally allowed to park between disabled parking spots, the RACV says on its website while they could park on a footpath, they were not permitted to leave the vehicle opposite any parking bay reserved for people with a disability.

The City of Melbourne website also states there are some restrictions motorcycle riders must adhere to when parking on the footpath.

“In Melbourne you can legally park your motorcycle or scooter on the footpath (unless otherwise signed), as long as you do not obstruct pedestrians, public transport users, doorways, delivery vehicles or access to street infrastructure (such as parking meters and public bins) and parked cars,” the website states.

Motorcycles parked on the footpath in the city of Melbourne
In Victoria motorcycle riders can legally park or scooter on the footpath but there are restrictions. Source: City of Melbourne

The website added motorcycle parking was not permitted on footpaths adjacent to disabled parking areas.

“Motorcycle parking is not permitted on the footpath adjacent to any parking bay reserved for people with disabilities (marked with the international symbol of access).”

The Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council and Vic Roads website also states motorcycles and scooters should not park opposite any parking bay reserved for people with disabilities across Victoria.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Vic Roads for comment.

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