Heartwarming story behind photo of police officers and an elderly lady

Two police officers have been hailed for their selfless act after helping an elderly lady do her shopping before getting her on her bus home following a fall at her home.

Heartwarming images show two tall, uniformed police officers carefully escorting the pint-sized pensioner through the Welsh town of Newport to do her shopping.

The elderly lady, believed to be 84-year-old Maureen or ‘Mo’, had suffered a bad fall while out and about but was determined to finish her shopping with the aid of her walker.

Local business owner Iffy Harris filmed the former dancer with bright orange hair being helped to finish her chores in the market by the officers before they got her on her bus home.

Officers escorted the elderly pensioner as she did her weekly shop. Source: Kennedy News and Media

Mr Harris, 51, had been in a local shop when he ran out to applaud the officers for their kind and patient approach.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” she said.

“A lot of people complain about the police and what they do and don’t do.

“But the police officers were helping an elderly lady that needed them – that’s community policing at its finest.

“I felt really proud.”

After sharing the touching moment online, Mo and the officers went viral and racked up more than 25,000 views.

When Mr Harris met the old lady again a few days later, he claims she was pleased to hear she was an online hit and explained the course of events.

“A man helped me off the floor because I was flat and said he’d call an ambulance,” she said.

Mo, 84, had fallen at her home, prompting the officers to help out. Source; Kennedy News and Media

“He went and got the police and they came and took me shopping. They helped me to the market and then they put me on the bus.”

On social media, users rallied together to praise the unnamed officers and called for more respect for the police force.

“Well done officers. It’s the small things that make the difference,” one user said.

A spokesperson for Gwent Police said the force is “extremely proud” of the officers’ actions.

“Both Special Constables, Colin Brooks and Matthew Chapman are a credit to the Neighbourhood Policing Team and this is just one example, amongst many, of their positive contribution toward protecting and serving the local community,” the spokesperson said.

– Kennedy News and Media