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Dad of newborn baby faces heartbreaking choice in coronavirus ground zero

A dad living in the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus has revealed he’s been left with a choice: return to the UK, but potentially leave behind his wife and son.

Adam Bridgeman, from England, was hoping to leave Wuhan, China, on Thursday via a chartered flight.

The flight was cancelled, and Mr Bridgeman told breakfast show Good Morning Britain authorities weren’t able to confirm if his four-week-old son could board another flight but told him his wife, a Chinese national, could not.

It means if he decides to return to England, Mr Bridgeman will have to break up his young family.

Adam Bridgeman pictured with his baby son and wife.
Adam Bridgeman said he faces having to break up his family if he leaves Wuhan for the UK. Source: ITV

He said he’s still undecided about whether to go back.

“I’m not leaving alone,” he told GMB.

“As to whether or not I’ll leave just with my son and leave my wife here we’re not decided but it’s a really difficult decision (and) I don’t want to break our family apart.”

Mr Bridgeman also told BBC4 he’s concerned for his newborn son’s health but is "not willing to take the risk" and take him to a hospital for vaccinations.

Passengers wearing protective masks stand in line near Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. check in counters at the Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong.
Passengers prepare to board a flight in Hong Kong. Source: Getty Images

The BBC understands the approvals to remove 200 UK citizens are yet to come through.

British Airways has also cancelled flights to mainland China until February 29.

Australians are too having issues leaving Wuhan. The plan is to move Australians to quarantine at the Christmas Island detention centre.

But Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton believes “we’re looking at a pretty condensed time frame” after difficulties getting approvals.

Yahoo News Australia understands each evacuee will have to pay $1000.

A crew member in a protective suit and mask sprays during the disinfection process on a Thai Airways International flight.
A Thai Airways International flight is disinfected. Source: Getty Images

Coronavirus death toll rises

China's Hubei province, the epicentre of a coronavirus epidemic, has reported 45 new deaths from the outbreak on Friday, bringing the total to 259, the local health commission said on Saturday.

The province has also confirmed 1,347 new cases of infection on January 31, with the total reaching 7,153 by the end of the day.

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