'Heartbreaking' update after Aussie dad suffers brain bleed during trip to Bali

Kevin Malligan, 24, was travelling on a scooter in Bali when he hit a bump in the road.

The wife of an Aussie man involved in a scooter accident in Bali days before the new year has shared a heartbreaking update after she rushed to be by his side.

Kevin Malligan, 24, was riding on a scooter when he hit a bump in the road and toppled, causing him to suffer a brain bleed and fractured neck. After wife Leah — who is pregnant with their second child — travelled to Indonesia with Kevin's brother and dad, the Sydney man underwent surgery and was cleared for a medical evacuation back to Australia.

Left, Kevin Malligan lies in a hospital bed connected to tubes. Right, his partner Leah kisses his head after being pronounced brain dead.
Kevin Malligan, 24, has been pronounced brain dead after being involved in a scooter accident in Bali. Source: Facebook

However on Wednesday it was shared online that her partner has been "pronounced brain dead" — mere weeks before the young family expect to welcome his second child into the world.

"Our hearts are broken today as Kevin has officially been pronounced as brain dead," she wrote on the fundraising page set up by the family. "The doctors have done all relevant testing over the last few days. This has been a distressing experience for all of us."

Fundraising page has raised over $100,000

After the accident last Friday, Leah's parents created the fundraising page to raise funds to help the young family while they faced "uncertain times".

Kevin and Leah share a two-year-old daughter and the money raised will go towards her future, as well as their unborn child's. "Will forever be grateful to all our friends, family and community for all your support and love," Leah wrote online.

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