Simple $7 mistake leads to $370,000 medical bill after Bali accident

The Adelaide man was thrown from his motorbike while travelling Indonesia, leaving him fighting for his life.

An Aussie man's motorbike accident in Bali has resulted in an almost $400,000 bill after travel insurance failed to cover medical costs due to a simple $7 oversight.

The "terrible accident" occurred on Lembongan Island where Adelaide man Blake Gibb slammed into a wall and was thrown from his bike. He then slipped into a coma after suffering multiple skull breaks and "traumatic damage to his brain".

Blake was rushed to Bali's International Medical Centre where he underwent emergency surgery before being flown home to Australia in a life-threatening condition. The initial costs were temporarily covered by the man's insurance company, but the family says they later learned his claims were later denied.

Adelaide man Blake Gibb in Bali hospital after bike accident.
Adelaide man Blake Gibb was left fighting for his life after a motorbike accident in Bali. Source: GoFundMe/9News

"They informed us that his claims were denied and we must pay them back," his mother Rosslyn Gibb said.

"I've always made sure my family has insurance to cover these things. Now I'm wondering why," she wrote on a GoFundMe page set up for her son.

Sharing the page on Facebook, his brother Ashley admitted the family had few good options.

"Long story short we have been slogged with a massive medical bill and need some help. Normally we wouldn't ask but we don't really know what else to do and anything would help our family out," he wrote.

At the time of writing, the fundraising page has raised a little over $31,000 of a whopping $370,000 target.

Tiny $7 detail in fine print

To be completely covered in a motorbike injury, Blake required an additional $7 plan which was reportedly detailed in the fine print. This means coverage for any accidents involving a scooter or motorbike was not included on his plan, according to Nine News.

"They tell you [to] get insurance, get insurance, so you do and you expect that insurance to actually cover you and it doesn't," his mum Rosslyn told the network.

" I had to sign that I would be responsible for the bills if they say no," she explained — and now she's facing a crushing $370,000 cost.

Already, Blake has undergone multiple surgeries including a facial reconstruction.

He remains in intensive care at Adelaide Royal Hospital and is expected to start rehabilitation once he is well enough. But he has a long road of recovery ahead of him.

Travellers urged to always read the fine print

Rosslyn has warned of the importance of always checking the fine print in any insurance policy before heading overseas – a sentiment shared by Cover-More Insurance.

The insurance company urges travellers to understand exactly what they're covered for before leaving Australia. Motorcycle and moped riding cover is additional protection that can be added to your travel insurance policy for an additional premium.

"And if you can’t return home on your original date due to an unforeseeable circumstance outside your control (e.g. you are in hospital), the policy will automatically extend until you are physically able to travel home," they previously told Yahoo.

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