Aussie dad 'robbed' while lying unconscious after 'serious' accident in Bali

Locals found the tourist lying lifeless 20 metres from the scooter he'd been riding.

An Aussie dad involved in a "serious" motor incident in Bali was allegedly robbed while lying unconscious, about 20 metres from the scooter he'd been riding.

Daniel, from WA, was holidaying in the tropical hotspot when the accident occurred near Jimbaran on Wednesday morning, and is now fighting for his life in hospital with a severe brain injury and a fractured skull.

His family say details of the incident "are still mostly unknown" as the "larger than life kind of man" is "sadly not awake or speaking".

Aussie dad Daniel unconscious in hospital after the Bali accident.
Daniel remains in a Balinese hospital after suffering a brain injury. Source: GoFundMe

"What we do know is that he was found 20 meters away from his scooter, meaning he fell at force," Daniel's sister Hayley wrote on a GoFundMe page set up to help with medical expenses.

"When the locals found him, they believed he was robbed because he had no personal belongings or identification on him. He was finally identified after locals posted photos of him and the location".

Family facing $20k medical bill

As well as sustaining a brain injury — which prevents him from flying home to Australia — the dad-of-three also has a broken right arm, both radius and ulnar bones, two fractured ribs, a broken toe and some internal bleeding and missing teeth.

List of predicted medical bills. Medical bills and xray in Bali
So far medical bills are expected to cost the equivalent of about A$20k. Source: GoFundMe

So far his family is facing medical bills totalling up to $20,000, and Daniel is unable to receive further treatment in Bali until it's paid, they claim. Additionally, the father had "forgotten" to secure travel insurance before the "impromptu" trip, meaning the expenses are not covered.

"Currently, he is waiting in the hospital without receiving the necessary treatment he needs in order to recover," the family said. "And worryingly, until we can gather finances, he will continue waiting in pain, barely conscious, for us to gather round and help him get the money he needs to receive treatment."

The family hopes to raise at least $10,000 for all medical and recovery costs. "This is going to be a long and painful recovery for Daniel," they said.

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