Aussie dad fights for life as New Years trip to Bali takes tragic turn

Kevin Malligan, 24, travelled to Bali to enjoy New Year celebrations with his friends. But his family aren't sure how he'll make it home.

A young Australian father who travelled to Bali to ring in the new year is now fighting for his life in hospital after falling off a scooter and sustaining major head injuries.

Sydney man Kevin Malligan was travelling as a passenger last Friday when he fell off the moving vehicle and hit his head, reportedly suffering a brain bleed and fractured neck.

The family believe he had not been doing anything "silly" and was not intoxicated while on the scooter, simply hitting a bump in the road which caused him to topple off.

Kevin Malligan has a two-year-old daughter and his wife is currently expected their second child together. Source: Facebook
Kevin Malligan has a two-year-old daughter and his wife is currently expecting their second child next month. Source: Facebook

Kevin, 24, was rushed to hospital for immediate medical assistance and has remained there in an induced coma since, with loved ones in Australia rushing to be by his side as his future remains uncertain.

Wife expecting second child in the coming weeks

Kevin's wife Leah is currently pregnant with their second child, who is due early next month. She left her two-year-old daughter in the care of loved ones to rush over to Indonesia with Kevin's father and brother.

"We got the all clear from his CT scan to say his brain is fit enough to book the medical flight home. It’s just a matter of time of getting the money to make that flight happen," Leah told Yahoo News Australia.

The family have created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to get Kevin home and said they "aren't losing hope".

"We have made the decision to keep him in a coma and on life support until we can get him that fly back home to Australia," she said.

Leah bends over holding Kevin's head in her arms as he lays on a hospital bed.
Wife Leah rushed to Bali to be by Kevin's side. Source: Facebook

According to the family, insurance will not cover the expensive medical bills, meaning they face an uncertain future.

The fundraising page has raised more than $77,000 in two days at the time of writing. For now, the family remain concerned with how exactly they will be able to get Kevin safely home to Australia as they hold out hope he will be able to begin his road to recovery.

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