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Heartbreaking post before flight attendant suddenly died on tarmac

Greta Dyrmishi, 24, revealed how she felt about work before her untimely death.

The instagram account of a flight attendant who died suddenly after her plane landed has shone a light on how much she loved her job.

Greta Dyrmishi, 24, worked for Air Albania and travelled from the Albanian capital to London Stansted Airport in December before suddenly fainting in front of the plane, Essex Coroner’s Court heard on Wednesday.

50/50 picture of  flight attendant smiling and view from plane.
The flight attendant regularly posted about her work before her untimely death after a flight in December. Source: TikTok / greta_dyrmishi

It was reported that several medical teams responded to a "seriously ill" woman on the tarmac and despite first responders performing CPR on Ms Dyrmishi, it was confirmed that she had "no pulse" and had sadly passed away.

A post-mortem concluded that her cause of death was sudden adult death syndrome.

Ms Dyrmishi loved being a flight attendant

References to how much the 24-year-old enjoyed her work were plastered all over her social media account, with one aerial view image of a city accompanied with the caption "that's why I love my job" beside a heart-eyed emoji.

There is an aviation theme to her account, showing pictures of many planes as well as her dressed in her uniform and spending time with colleagues.

What is sudden adult death syndrome?

Sudden adult death syndrome is when an individual under the age of 40 dies suddenly without an explanation of what caused the death, despite an autopsy being carried out. It is unknown how, but the syndrome causes the heart to go into cardiac arrest before the individual stops breathing and loses consciousness.

Many health professionals believe it is caused by an irregular heartbeat or a condition that interferes with the heart's electrical circuit, however, it has been difficult to identify as deaths among casualties are very different.

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