Psychic predicts big year for Harry and Meghan: 'King and Queen'

2022 may not have gotten off to the best start for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, after the news that their charity Archewell had failed to raise significant funds during its first year.

But while there could still be some 'controversy' around April, Sarah Yip - aka The Numbers Queen – has some new predictions for Harry and Meghan for 2022, and believes there are some real surprises in store for the couple.

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Psychic says Meghan Markle is in for 'biggest years of her life'. Photo: Getty

The professional psychic and numerologist from the Gold Coast explains to Yahoo Lifestyle that she creates numerology charts based off the sum of our DOB which reveals our lifepath, or spiritual job description. It also shows the age we mature.

“For example the Queen is a 7 life path because her DOB adds to 25/7. At age 25, she was appointed to the throne,” Sarah tells us. “While our lifepath and names are only part of our forecast, they give key insights into our behaviour, especially in relationships.


Sarah is known for her accuracy, having predicted Prince Harry’s exit from the Royal family, the Sussexes’ move overseas, entertainment deal, tell-all book and new daughter in previous forecasts for Yahoo Lifestyle.

Big year for Harry and Meghan: 'King and Queen'

According to Sarah, Meghan Markle is in for the biggest two years of her life over 2022 and 2023. She and Harry "will become the Queen and King of the stage", so to speak. Here, Sarah shares her thoughts for the year ahead:

"Between January and February 2022, Meghan's chart shows opportunities to put injustice behind her and to break family and social taboos that have been holding her back.

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She says Harr and Meghan will become 'King and Queen' of that stage. Photo: Getty

There will be clean starts from February that have been at least eight years in the making. Interestingly, it was back in 2014 that Meghan blogged about wanting to be a princess.

As a 31/4 life path Heart Healer and Empire Builder in numerology, Meghan has one of the most ambitious life purposes around.

Royal controversy to happen in April

"I see new work opportunities and a possible house move for Meghan and Harry between March and May. There could be a controversy around April, one of the tricky months for her this year (December is also challenging). Around this time, Meghan may be making choices which mystify others, while addressing her deep-seated fear of failure and need for security.

By May, Meghan has good energies for confidence and success. She will be more vocal about causes which are close to her heart and were a theme for her as a child. June is one of her best months in 2022 and is likely to bring rewards, expansion, and freedom.

During September, I see Meghan putting old conflicts behind her. She will be in both a nine personal year and personal month in numerology, which winds up a full cycle of learning. Hopefully, she won’t overwork at this time but will follow her intuition and take a break or holiday."

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While things are mostly looking up, Sarah still predicts some further controversy around April. Photo: Getty

Sarah says, looking ahead, Meghan’s chart shows new beginnings, peaking in August to September 2023 between April to June 2024 (around the time of Archie's 5th birthday, which is a turning point, based on his 5 life path). These shifts will shake Meghan to her core and inspire her to be even more independent.

"Based on her numbers, Meghan is transitioning into a new career and lifestyle that could bring establishment success and more traditional types of status between now and 2024. Although the details are still unclear, due to free will and the nature of psychic forecasting, I predict that Meghan will be running ‘the race of her life’ by the time she is 42 years old. Time will tell."

Prince Harry 'back in contact' with the Queen

"As a 37/10/1 life path Pioneer in numerology, Harry is here to be the black sheep and to escape from toxic family patterns. Harry's chart showed major success in September 2020, which is when he and Meghan signed their Netflix deal and started a production company. He is currently 37, his adult life path turning point age, which brings his life purpose of leadership to the fore.

Prince Harry’s daughter, Lilibet Diana, bears Princess Diana’s name (something I predicted.) Lilibet is a 15/6 life path Visionary, who has come to open people’s eyes and minds. Her energy feels loving and peaceful, and I see her bringing Prince Harry back into contact with the Queen this year. 2022 is a Universal 6 Year and favours 6 life paths like Lilibet."

the queen and prince harry
Lilibet could bring Harry closer to the Queen again. Photo: Getty

"However, it is not all roses, as Prince Harry’s forecast shows a period of interpersonal conflicts and hypersensitivity from September 2021 to September 2022. During this time, he may be feeling strong emotions and require personal healing around his relationships with women.

Prince Harry's numbers show frustration and feelings of being cornered in February and March. This stagnation should ease by April and clear by June to July, which seem be a time of celebration."

2022 forecast for Harry includes 'disputes' and a 'makeover'

"Around July to August, Prince Harry’s career takes off again and I see him following through on a childhood dream.

The saying ‘it’s never too late to have a happy childhood’ will be relevant for Prince Harry, especially from September. During this time, he could be releasing baggage and outgrowing the shadow of his elder brother and father. More of Harry’s wishes come true in October before he comes back to Earth with a thud and needs to deal with some disputes in November and December.

Overall, I see Prince Harry coming further into his own in 2022.

He may appear nearly unrecognisable at one point this year. He is ready to shed more layers, so expect an image makeover around June. He has no plans to go back in the box, that’s for sure."

You can discover your own life path and 2022 numerology forecast on Sarah’s website.

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