‘Hand your licence in’: Chilling footage of driver cutting off two vehicles

An act of dangerous driving that could have cost lives has been captured on a truck driver’s dashcam.

Sam Ride was travelling down Norton Road in Wamboin, northeast of Canberra, on Tuesday when he says a motorist driving a silver Ford Ranger nearly ran him off the road about 1.30pm (local time).

The driver overtook Mr Ride’s boss who was travelling behind him in a semi trailer, and didn’t hesitate before overtaking him as well.

Ford Ranger cutting in front of a truck.
The driver of this Ford Ranger has been urged to hand in their licence. Source: Facebook

Not only did the Ranger driver cross double white lines to overtake the two large vehicles, he also came extremely close to colliding with an oncoming car.

“The other car had to get into the gutter and I was right up against the guard rail,” Mr Ride told Yahoo News Australia.

“If the other car wasn’t paying attention or was an inexperienced driver and had of panicked it could have been fatal.”

Both the Ranger and oncoming car were about half way down the side of the truck when they passed, so the vehicles were “three wide on a two lane road”.

The person behind the wheel of the oncoming vehicle was forced to swerve off the bitumen in a last-minute move to to avoid hitting the Ranger head-on.

Mr Ride said the dangerous driver “didn’t even bother to back off” - an incredibly risky move on any road, but even more so on the blind corner.

“I see some pretty wild stuff driving but nothing like this,” he said.

He called on the driver to “hand your licence in” in a post of the video to Facebook.

More than 100 others agreed, with some arguing they could easily be mistaken for someone “on a suicide mission”.

White car driving towards a truck, narrowly missing dangerous driver.
This vehicle was forced off the road by the dangerous driver. Source: Facebook

“Has to be drunk/affected by drugs, on a suicide mission or stolen car,” one person wrote in a comment.

“How many innocent people will be killed by drivers like this?” another said.

“Wow. That could have ended very badly! Hope the police get this idiot off the road,” a third said.

Some said if it had have been them in the oncoming car, the outcome would have been far worse.

“If I was in the oncoming white car, I think I would have crashed. Take his right to drive away,” someone wrote.

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