Outrage over gruesome car crash Halloween display featuring 'dead bodies'

Residents in a US suburb have expressed their outrage at a Halloween display that depicts a fake car-crash scene with blood-splattered bodies.

Kevin and Krysten Negrotto received a visit from police at their New Jersey home after they were inundated with calls about the gruesome display.

Images posted to Facebook show a white Toyota pushing a fake body against a tree as if it is real person being crushed to death.

The Halloween display caused a stir among residents. Source: Facebook

There are red blood-like splatters over the car and fake crime scene tape wrapped around it.

The fake body is wearing jeans and a hood and has a head full of fake hair.

Its arms are thrown over the car as if it is dead.

There’s also another fake body dressed in jeans, joggers and a coloured shirt thrown on the ground.

Home owners Kevin and Krysten also wrote up a fake story about Bob the zombie being  "zombified by contaminated drinking water by a power plant" and added the other body was named "Zombie Cindy".

Krysten said they used a Toyota Supra car that Kevin uses for drift racing and detached the front bumper.

Another fake body is seen on the ground. Source: Facebook

She said she stuffed the zombies with pillows and made legs out of car parts saying the fake blood came in a bottle for their Halloween set-up.

Krysten told US broadcaster ABC 13 that someone reported the display.

“The person said they didn’t like it, and they did get reports of it previously from someone saying it was real,” she said.

“How could anybody call the cops on a Halloween display that clearly is fake?”

Residents complained to police about the realistic nature of the display. Source: Facebook
The remaining decorations on the house aren't what the neighbours are complaining about. Source: Facebook

While some locals say they didn’t have a problem with the display, set up to celebrate the October 31 holiday, others say it was far too realistic.

Renee Reeves, a resident, told CBS2: "I think it’s too much. We have a lot of young kids here, families. Too much.”

"I love it, I think it’s fun. I don’t understand people who had issues with it. To each his own," Kelly Finn said.

Krysten and Kevin said police can’t issue a ticket for decorations and said the couple were free to decorate their home.

 "Honestly, you see worse in real life on TV,” Krysten said.