‘Gross’ reason behind council sign erected in Aussie park

The sign was erected as a 'temporary measure' to help solve an ongoing problem in a Sydney Park.

An Aussie council has taken action after a string of complaints from residents who claim their walk through a local park has been interrupted by the discovery of human faeces.

A sign has now been erected at Outlook Park in Eastwood, north of Sydney, asking visitors to "please respect our neighbours, don't defecate in the park," with a council spokesperson confirming there have been "several instances" of late.

Sign erected by City of Ryde council in Outlook Park, Eastwood warning visitors not to defecate in the park.
Council was forced to erect a sign after getting 'several' reports of human excrement being found in a Sydney park. Source: Instagram/Google Images

"Council put up the signs as a temporary measure after being made aware of several instances of defecation and toilet paper being left around Outlook Park," a City of Ryde spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia on Wednesday.

Council confirmed there are public toilets located "in two other nearby parks within about 10 minutes’ walk". However, there are no bathrooms available in Outlook Park, a natural area. A shopping centre is also nearby.

Locals baffled by 'gross' act

City of Ryde council did not elaborate when asked by Yahoo if a more permanent approach is being considered, and it’s not known if the culprits have been identified. The explanation comes after a photo of the sign was shared on social media, baffling other locals in the area.

"How regularly is this happening that they needed to make official signage," one said after seeing the post on the satire ‘Humans of Eastwood’ Instagram page.

"Ewww, who does that???? No shame!" said another. While many others agreed it was “gross”.

Outlook Park in Eastwood, Sydney
Outlook Park is located in Eastwood, a suburb in north Sydney. Source: Google Images

Some were more empathetic of visitors to the area with one highlighting the need for more public bathrooms in parks and reserves.

"Wouldn't it be nice if Ryde had toilets in parks. Unfortunately, they are all locked at night so people need to take another approach," one claimed.

Bog bandits across Australia

It’s not the first time humans have been caught out for defecating in public. Last year, a Sydney man was caught red-handed dropping his pants to go. While another was dubbed the “poo jogger” after being caught in a park In Melbourne.

In NSW, defecating in the street would come under offensive conduct legislation and carries a maximum penalty of three months imprisonment and/or $660 fine if it is dealt with by a magistrate in the Local Court.

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