Public pooper strikes in popular WA park

Residents in an outer Perth suburb have been warned after a man was spotted allegedly defecating in the bushes near a park.

Images of a man pulling up his pants and walking away from the park were shared to social media by a concerned resident.

The pictures were snapped at Sandown Park in Henley Brook, which is about 30km northeast of Perth.

"I'm not sure how exactly to put this, but if anyone in the community knows this man, please let him know it's not OK to defecate publicly in Sandown Park," the person who shared the pictures said on Facebook.

They added the man was wearing "ethnic" clothing and suggested he may not have realised what he did was wrong.

A person was seen allegedly defecating at a park in Western Australia. Source: Facebook
A person was seen allegedly defecating at a park in Western Australia. Source: Facebook

"It's not appropriate for children around in the park," they added.

"Again, please be aware of your kids and dogs playing around the ponds and shrubs."

A few people said the man's actions showed a lack of respect for the community. One person said while defecating was bad enough, "not wiping" made the whole thing worse.

Others said this incident needed to be reported to the police.

Western Australia Police told Yahoo News Australia a report of the incident had not been filed.

Not Australia's first instance of public defecation

There's been no shortage of reports of people defecating in public.

In 2021, a cyclist was busted walking up to an immaculate property in Brighton, an affluent suburb in Melbourne, and squatting near the garden.

After using the driveway to relieve herself, the cyclist then left the scene.

In 2019, Sydney socialite and publicist Roxy Jacenko caught someone defecating near her office.

Back then, AAP spoke to someone who lived near Ms Jacenko's office and they said they had found multiple human stools in the same spot.

"One is fair enough if you're caught short – but four or five I think is too much," the resident, who asked not to be named, said.

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