WATCH: Great white shark leaps out of the ocean for a meat pie

Isabella Robinson

A great white shark has been caught on camera leaping out of the water to devour a leftover meat pie which had been thrown over the edge of a boat.

The shark surfacing for the scraps delighted a group who had been taking part in cage diving just off New Zealand's Stewart Island on Saturday.

Auckland woman, Rose Gullery was celebrating her upcoming birthday and was fortunate enough to film the incredible moment the animal breached with explosive energy.

While the leftover pie had been discarded by those on board, it was appealing to the shark. Source: Rose Gullery

"Seeing the shark leap out of the water was truly amazing," Rose Gullery told Yahoo7.

"I felt honoured to see one that close. They are beautiful creatures."

In the video taken by Ms Gullery a couple of seagulls can be seen sitting on the water's surface and seconds after one flies away, the predator is seen propelling out of the water.

Ms Gullery says this image was taken from the boat looking into the ocean. Source: Supplied

"A fellow diver said to me, imagine if a shark came up to eat the pie - I started rolling my camera and what felt like two seconds later the shark came up, took the pie in its mouth and dived back down," she told Yahoo7.

The group with Shark Cage Dive NZ had been on a break for lunch, which had consisted of classic meat pies.

The discarded leftovers may have no longer been appealing to those on board, but the shark's interest in them was an added treat.

"The crew said it is rare for great whites to breach - so seeing one come up for a pie was very cute I thought," Ms Gullery said.

No doubt a rare sight Ms Gullery will remember for many birthdays to come.