Grandmother on holiday brutally bashed for refusing man a cigarette

A grandmother on holiday in Perth has been so badly bashed she now has to eat through a straw.

She was attacked from behind near Cottesloe Beach and hit so hard her jaw was shattered.

Maryam, 59,  was attacked six days ago but the aftermath of the attack is still obvious – her cheekbone was smashed and her jaw fractured in two places.

Maryam, 59, was so badly bashed she has to eat through a straw. Source: 7 News

On holiday in Perth from Iran, she was sitting alone on a bench last Tuesday when a man asked her for a cigarette.

She thought he looked too young to smoke and refused. Not long after, she felt someone standing behind her.

Maryam cannot speak English, so her daughter Setarah Torney explained: “Someone said ‘excuse me’ to get her attention, and once she looked up she felt someone hit her’.”

The tourist was sitting on a bench at Cottesloe Beach when she was asked for a cigarette. Source: 7 News

The blow knocked her out, the force so hard Maryam believes she wasn’t struck with a fist but an object of some kind, possibly a pole.

Her bag, mobile phone and a small amount of cash were taken.

Shocked at the level of violence used, police were quick to act, arresting one man over the weekend and another on Monday afternoon.

“If they want to steal a bag, steal a bag – don’t beat ladies up on a street,” Ms Torney said.

No charges have been laid.