Grandma's warning over popular lolly after boy's horrific tongue injury

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: They are the sour lollies beloved by children around the world but one grandmother has issued a serious warning against them after her grandson was left with a horror injury.

Marie Thuloweit, from California, took to Facebook to share photos of her grandson, Chase, and the damage an “extreme sour” Warhead did to his tongue.

“This is the result of our grandson, Chase’s tongue after eating one of these candies,” she captioned a photo that shows an entire layer of skin peeled off the centre of Chase’s tongue.


Chase’s grandmother said the popular sour lolly burnt a hole through his tongue. Image: Facebook/Marie Thuloweit

A spokesperson from Warhead’s parent company, Impact Confections Inc., told Yahoo7 News some people had an increased sensitivity to the ingredients in the popular lollies.

“We produce only high-quality products that meet all FDA guidelines for PH levels and ingredients, and when eaten normally, consumers enjoy them with no issues,” she said.

The spokesperson insisted the ingredients contained the same acids found in citrus fruits, pineapple and other sour candies.

The grandmother pleaded with parents not to give Warheads to their children. Images Facebook/Marie Thuloweit
The manufacturer told Yahoo7 News that there is a clear warning on the individual packaging. Image: Supplied

“We receive very few complaints regarding our products, but when we do, we take these complaints seriously,” she said.

“To ensure a fun and enjoyable eating experience, a voluntary statement is printed on every package.”

That warning says eating multiple Warheads within a short period may cause “temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouths”.