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Genshin Impact: New Sumeru characters Alhaitham, Nilou, Dehya, Nahida revealed

Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse has released a new teaser for Sumeru, the new region coming in the game's highly-anticipated version 3.0.

The teaser has revealed a bunch of new Sumeru characters, including Alhaitham, Dehya, Nilou, and Nahida while also unveiling juicy tidbits of lore about the new region.


(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)
(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse) (HoYoverse)

Alhaitham is a tall man with white hair that was described as a person the Traveler meets by chance at Port Ormos, the port city of Sumeru.

He is from the Haravatat, one of the six fields of research in the Sumeru Akademiya that focuses on unveiling the secrets of the many ruins scattered all throughout the region.


(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)
(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse) (HoYoverse)

Another new character is Dehya, a fierce-looking female hailing from the deserts of Sumeru.

She is also a member of the Eremites, a group of mercenaries that are spread and employed throughout the region.


(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)
(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse) (HoYoverse)

There is also Nilou, a beautiful red-haired girl wearing a horned headdress and a dancer's attire.

She is described as a bit of an oddity in Sumeru, as she pursues art and dance instead of the knowledge and wisdom so valued by her countrymen.


(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)
(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse) (HoYoverse)

Finally, there is Nahida, a little girl with white hair, green eyes, and pointy elf-like ears similar to Klee.

She is described as "a mysterious girl" and seems to be a prominent figure in the Sumeru story.

Aside from the new characters, the teaser also revealed more about a couple of the known Sumeru characters.


(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)
(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse) (HoYoverse)

We already know a bit about Tighnari, who is among the first batch of playable Sumeru characters coming in version 3.0. Aside from being a forest ranger, Tighnari was also revealed to be a researcher of Amurta, another one of the six fields of research in the Sumeru Akademiya that focuses on ecology and plant life.


(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)
(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse) (HoYoverse)

Cyno first appeared in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail as the poster character of Sumeru and in the Genshin Impact prelude manga.

While we already know that Cyno is a scholar of the Sumeru Akademiya, the teaser also revealed that he also holds the title of 'General Mahamatra'.

In real life, the Mahamatra was an "officer of morality" established by Emperor Ashoka of the ancient Indian Mauryan Empire.

The real life Mahamatra were senior officials in charge of administration and justice, so we can surmise that the General Mahamatra title held by Cyno gives him a high position of power in Sumeru.

Other Sumeru teasers

Aside from the revealing new characters, the latest Sumeru teaser also touched upon some of the lore and culture of region.

As the Nation of Wisdom, knowledge in Sumeru is treated and managed like a resource and the teaser revealed this was done through something called the 'Akasha' system, which appears as a sigil-like device placed on the ears.

The Akasha system was described as a "Gnosis-powered legacy" left behind by the previous Dendro Archon, Greater Lord Rukkhadevata.

With it being powered by a Gnosis, we can already imagine the Fatui Harbingers will somehow get involved with it during the Sumeru storyline.

The teaser also touched upon another interesting facet of Sumeru culture, which is that the people of the region, especially the adults, aren't capable of dreaming.

The locals apparently take pride in this fact, seeing it as a testament to their devotion to rationality and wisdom.

Sumeru's humid climate has also made the region's forests the perfect habitat for Shroom-Kin, mushroom-like creatures that populate the region.

Some of the highest form of Shroom-Kin have taken on animalistic features, such as a green, bipedal Shroom-Kin with predatory bird features that appears to be a world boss with its own woodland arena.

Other forms of life also call the forests of Sumeru their home, including a brown panther-like creature and a new type of boar covered in moss and mushrooms.

(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)
(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse) (HoYoverse)

While the most prevalent organisation in Sumeru is the Sumeru Akademiya, another group which the Traveler will often encounter in the region is the Eremites.

As mentioned before, the Eremites are a group of mercenaries that are based and employed in Sumeru.

The teaser revealed that they are settlers from an ancient civilization in the desert, with no allegiance to any one nation other than those who can pay them the most.

(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse)
(Screenshot courtesy of HoYoverse) (HoYoverse)

The teaser also revealed a new type of mechanical enemy that guards the ruins scattered across Sumeru's deserts, making them similar to the ones the Traveler previously encountered in the ruins of Dragonspine.

We’re very, very excited to explore Sumeru and see what this new land has to offer.

Genshin Impact is currently in version 2.8, but fans are already looking forward to the release of a new region, Sumeru, and a new element, Dendro, in version 3.0.

HoYoverse has already released teasers for Dendro and the elemental reactions it will bring to the game's element system as well as the various breathtaking locales we can see in Sumeru.

Aside from a new element, Sumeru will surely bring new landscapes, characters, perils, and adventures to the Traveler.

Version 2.8 is expected to run until 21 August, which means that Genshin Impact version 3.0 should come out on 22 August.

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