Generous customers give waitress $2800 Xmas gift

A couple has gifted a waitress a $A2870 tip on Christmas Eve after they heard about her financial woes.

Lynette Baio, a waitress at Speggtacular in the US state of Florida, was serving a couple of regulars on Christmas Eve and they asked her about her recent car troubles.

Ms Baio spent around $A1300 on car repairs last month after she damaged it while avoiding a collision, according to Bay News 9.

While her car is now travelling fine, the cost of repairs depleted her savings.

Lynette Baio (pictured) was gifted almost $3000 on Christmas Eve. Source: Bay News 9

Two years ago, Ms Baio’s husband died suddenly and since then she has struggled to keep up financially.

“I prayed and prayed God would restore my savings from Georgi dying and my car,” Ms Baio wrote on Facebook.

“These customers asked me a few weeks ago how I was doing and I told them about my unexpected car cost.”

She explained this to the couple and when they got up to leave, they told Ms Baio there was something for her on the table.

“When I picked the plate up there was a $A2870 cheque. It said 'Merry Christmas and restore your savings. God bless you.' I cried,” she told Bay News 9.

Ms Baio said she was grateful to the couple and says she will now be able to buy Christmas presents for her family.

With the rest of the money, she plans on saving it, and hopefully one day paying it forward – as she promised the couple she would do so.

Lynette Baio has struggled financially since her husband died and when she had to cover repair costs. Source: Bay News 9

“I am a firm believer in paying it forward and one day I hope that God will bless me and let me be able to pay it forward," Ms Baio said.

The couple who tipped Ms Baio so generously have asked to remain anonymous.

“Lynette you have been paying forward for a very long time, it’s no accident these two angels came to the dinner and you were the server,” a friend wrote on one of her Facebook posts.

Ms Baio also said on Facebook she could not believe the response she has received, particularly from local news outlets lining up to interview her.

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