Garbage sorter's shocking find inside rubbish bag

Nadine Carroll
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Garbage sorting plant workers have rescued a cat trapped inside a bag on a conveyor belt just seconds before it was fed into machinery.

Security vision from the Russian waste disposal centre captured the moment a worker sorting through garbage on a conveyor belt cut open a sealed plastic bag to sort its contents and found the cat inside. It was miraculously still alive.

The government run waste centre, called Gorkomhoz and operating in Ulyanovsk in central Russia, published the vision on social media to highlight what it said isn’t an isolated incident.

Waste sorters find cat trapped inside bag
Workers rescued the cat, that was trapped inside a tied up bag, seconds before it was fed into machinery. Source: Twitter/Gorkomhoz 73

“The cat is well-fed, clean, well-groomed. It is clear that until recently it was someone's pet,” the organisation’s regional director Igor Perfiliev said in a statement.

“People’s cruelty is surprising. Just a few more seconds and the bag with the cat could have gotten into the separator.”

Third case of animal found in garbage in two months

The garbage treatment plant later posted an image of the worker holding the cat assuring people it was being taken care of.

“Fortunately, the animal was not hurt, but very scared,” the post read.

Gorkomhoz said the cat was the third case of workers finding animals while sorting waste in the past two months, having recently rescued an African hedgehog and two red-eared turtles that had been discarded.

“Unfortunately, cases of animals thrown into the garbage are becoming more frequent and the big problem is that it is impossible to find those responsible,” Mr Perfiliev said.

“Please do not throw your pets away!” the company wrote on social media urging people to find alternative homes for animals they can no longer care for.

An image of a cat and the worker that rescued him from a Russian waste facility
'Fortunately, the animal was not hurt, but very scared,' Source: Twitter/Gorkomhoz 73

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