Fury over 'shaming' note left in son's lunchbox by teacher

The mum called the message on her son's Pringles container was 'ridiculous'. What do you think?

A mum has claimed she was "snack shamed" by her son's school after they wrote on his empty Pringles container, suggesting she make healthier decisions for her child.

Megan Peavey was furious when her three-year-old son came home from school last week and presented his "trash" to her, now with a message inscribed in black ink.

It read: "Please help us make healthy choices at school."

Left, Megan Peavey can be seen pulling a face to camera as she speaks about the teacher's note. Right, the message 'Please help us make healthy choices at school' on the Pringles cup.
Megan Peavey was unimpressed when she saw the teacher's note on her son's empty Pringles container. Source: TikTok

The mum, who is reportedly from New Hampshire in the US, turned to social media to vent at the "passive aggressive" act.

"I messaged the school personally... we at our house do not label things as healthy and unhealthy," she said.

"Do you think that's ridiculous? Because I f**king do."

Internet responds to teacher's note

Thousands of people interacted with the video, with many believing the behaviour from the teacher was unprofessional.

"I cannot even explain how out of line and wild this seems to me — on the school's part," one woman wrote, with another agreeing. "I’m a pre-k teacher. Never would I ever tell a family to 'make healthy choices', my girls get a bag of chips with their sandwiches, along with fresh fruit."

While many condemned the note for being "petty" and shared they would be "livid" if it happened to them, others admitted they believed the school made a good point.

"I disagree with how the message was delivered, but I agree with the schools that do this. Healthy snacks only," one wrote.

School 'cancels' boy's summer enrolment

Megan later shared the school had asked for parents to send healthy snacks rather than "chips or cookies", but admitted she thought Pringles were appropriate as they were "baked".

After confronting the school about the issue, they allegedly offered no apology and said they no longer had a position available for her son in their summer program, which he was previously enrolled in.

"I'm not posting this for attention, I'm posting this [because] this is the truth to parenting, these battles you have to fight for your children," she said.

"As a working mum, sometimes it's easier to pack Pringles."

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