Angry note left on Sydney mum's car: 'There will be consequences'

A Sydney mum is frustrated and confused after receiving an angry note on her car when she parked in a different spot at her apartment block in the city's southwest.

Normally, the mum-of-one, who wished to remain anonymous, parks in the garage, she told Yahoo News Australia, but her four-year-old son came down with a fever and she was desperate to get him inside.

However, she didn't realise where she'd parked was a "no parking" zone until she went to move her car the next morning.

"This is NOT your personal parking space," the typed anonymous note, which was placed underneath her windscreen wiper, reads.

The anonymous note
The note was left anonymously after the woman parked in a 'no parking' zone at her apartment block. Source: Supplied

"Your real estate has been notified. You can try and lie about it. Continue parking here and there will be consequences."

The move clearly rubbed someone the wrong way, despite other residents often using that space, the mum said.

The woman said she doesn't know which neighbour left it, but she does have her suspicions.

"There’s another resident [that uses] that space. [That] morning when I woke up for work I didn’t see a note on their car. So I think it must be them, but at the same time I don’t want to make an assumption," she told Yahoo News Australia.

"The parking spot doesn't block any access for another resident. There’s enough space to get in and out."

Modern residential buildings, apartment buildings, residential buildings
The woman has had issues with parking at her apartment block. Source: Getty (stock image)

Mum in a rush as son battles fever

The mum-of-one said she has had issues with parking at her apartment block in the past, but on this particular evening, her sick son was her priority.

"We were in a hurry as my son was too hot to touch and we wanted to cool him down ASAP," she said.

"I used to park in a garage until few months ago when another resident decided to park in our way to the garage (which is a massive blind spot). Our other alternative is street parking and public parking which has a time limit."

The woman said she's lived at the complex for two years and has never had issues with her neighbours.

Despite the angry note, she's not yet heard from her real estate.

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