Food delivery rider slammed for dangerous act in Sydney tunnel

A Sydney food delivery rider has been criticised for riding a bike through a busy city tunnel.

Video shared on Reddit on Friday shows the man pedalling alongside cars through what appears to be the M5 tunnel.

A number of cars are seen giving a wider berth to maintain a safe distance while passing him.

Cycling through the M5 tunnel carries a $2200 fine and the video has led to a barrage of criticism from other shocked motorists.

“That is definitely not a healthy route,” one Reddit user wrote.

Others questioned if the cyclist knew what he was doing.

A delivery rider seen going through the M5 tunnel in Sydney.
A food delivery rider has been criticised for riding through a busy Sydney tunnel. Source: Reddit

“They're (delivery cyclists) just trying to make a living under what I assume are pretty tight schedules,” another wrote.

“I live in a large apartment complex and always see them wandering around looking slightly lost.”

One claimed the rider was just using the fastest route to deliver the food.

“This ... this is illegal, right?” another added.

“Seriously, these courier drivers are terrible, driving across traffic the wrong way down the road, hurtling down pedestrian paths with their e-bikes, randomly changing direction,” another frustrated person said.

Bicycle NSW general manager of public affairs Bastien Wallace told 10 Daily the video was an example of a delivery cyclist working to a tight schedule or simply not understanding the roads.

Ms Wallace said part of the issue was there wasn’t information easily accessible for cyclists to find out where they can or can’t cycle.

"The other challenge is that food couriers and share bike riders who don't know the areas very well may accidentally use tunnels, following the guidance of navigation apps made for cars," she told 10 daily.

NSW Police has been contacted for comment.

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