Firefighter plunges head first into well to rescue trapped muddy toddler

A firefighter has plunged himself head first into a narrow well to save a toddler. 

The little girl was said to have been with her grandparents doing farm work in Daqiao in Central China. 

But the nearby well didn’t have a cover and the two-year-old fell in. 

Fortunately, she avoided plunging straight into the water, rescuers said, adding that they pumped large amounts of oxygen down the structure in order to prevent the tot from suffocating.

A toddler (pictured) has been rescued from a narrow well in Daqiao, Central China. Source: AsiaWire/ Australscope

She was also fortunate not to have injured herself on the pump. 

Fireman Li Ning volunteered to be sent down the well, which measured just over 30cm wide, and was ordered to strip himself of most of his gear before descending upside down into the ground.

The rescuers pulling Mr Li back to the surface, with the brave fireman carrying the stunned little girl in his arms. 

The girl, who had at that point already stopped crying, was covered in dirt and mud at the end of the 20-minutes rescue.

The little girl’s grandfather cries after being reunited with her. Source: AsiaWire/Australscope

It is unclear exactly how deep the well was.

She was handed back to her relieved relatives, who burst into tears at the sight of their granddaughter safe and sound.  

The little girl was not injured in the incident.

 – Australscope