Ferrari crash with Lamborghini leaves two dead after supercar ignites

The accident claimed the lives of a senior couple.

A Ferrari and Lamborghini have collided with a campervan, leaving two people dead in a horror smash captured on the dash cam of a vehicle travelling behind.

The pair who died were a husband and wife, aged 67 and 63 respectively, who were rented a Ferrari to take part in the three-day Sardinia Supercar Experience event.

The footage shows how the Lamborghini occupants, who were also taking part in the event tried to overtake a queue of vehicles by crossing onto the opposite side of the road.

Ferrari and Lamborghini in crash with a campervan
The Ferrari and Lamborghini were overtaking a queue of traffic when the tragic crash occurred. Source: Jam Press

As the Lamborghini also pulls out to overtake the campervan in front of it, it collides with the Ferrari and as a result, the Lambo is shunted into the van, causing the latter to flip over.

A cloud of dust is thrown into the air as part of the bulky vehicle lands on the parched ground alongside the single-carriageway. Meanwhile, the heavily damaged Lamborghini comes to a stop on the roadside.

Couple burned to death

The deceased couple, from Switzerland, burned to death when the Ferrari they were in caught fire. They've been identidied as Markus and Melissa Krautli from Wallisellen, near Zurich.

Italian media said the smash, which occurred on the morning of October 2 on State Road 195 in southern Sardinia, caused the Ferrari to veer off the road, flip and catch fire. By the time firefighters, police and emergency medics arrived on the scene, the blaze had claimed the Swiss couple's lives.

The driver and passenger of the Lambo, who are from Mumbai, India, were unharmed. The occupants of the caravan were tourists from South Tyrol, Italy, who sustained minor injuries.

Police have reportedly seized wrecked vehicles and are now studying the footage as part of their investigation into the case.


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