Terrifying 'road rage' act on Aussie highway shocks motorists

Police are investigating the collision between a car and motorcycle.

A terrifying collision on a major Australian highway has been captured on camera, with many calling the apparent case of road rage "attempted murder", as police investigate the incident.

In the footage, taken on Saturday afternoon at about 1.55pm, a silver Audi and motorcyclist can both be seen darting through traffic on the Hume Highway in Denham Court in Sydney. As the rider on the black bike moves into the outside lane, the Audi rapidly follows, causing the person filming to gasp in shock.

A second later, the seemingly inevitable happens and the Audi clips the motorbike, forcing the driver to fall off in front of a horse trailer and slide across three lanes of traffic, miraculously avoiding being run over.

Stills from video of Audi driver and motorcyclist colliding on busy road
The Audi driver and motorcyclist were spotted darting in and out of traffic before the collision on the busy stretch of road. Source: Instagram/@vampirebd2001

As vehicles across four lanes attempt to move out of the way or come to a stop, the rider's body and bike can be seen slamming into a low wall on the hard shoulder.

"Oh s**t," the motorist filming says as multiple cars pull over, and two drivers run out of their vehicles towards the rider who is half sitting up.

Driver flees then returns

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, NSW Police said the rider, a 50-year-old man, was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics before being taken to hospital. The Audi driver, meanwhile, took off.

"Officers attached to Campbelltown City Police Area Command arrived to establish that a silver Audi hatchback and motorcycle had crashed before the Audi had allegedly left the scene," a spokesperson said.

However, the Audi driver did come back. "A short time later, the driver of the Audi returned," the NSW Police spokesperson explained. "The driver, a 55-year-old man, returned a negative breath test."

Police added that they were investigating the incident, but wouldn't be drawn on whether any charges would be laid.

'What a lunatic'

Posting the video to Instagram, the user who recorded the incident wrote "road rage not worth the risk", while revealing in later comments he'd given the recording to police.

Still from video of motorcyclist on road after collision with car
The motorbike rider was thrown across three lanes of traffic before he slammed into a concrete wall. Source: Instagram/@vampirebd2001

The clip was also shared on Reddit, with several users slamming the Audi driver. "What a lunatic!" one viewer wrote. "Some people forget that human life is quite fragile. And road accidents are no joke. Hope the guy on the bike is OK and the driver has his licence taken away."

"That was deliberate, and was attempted murder," argued someone else, echoing the sentiments of several others who demanded the driver face "severe repercussions".

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