Neighbour’s ‘crazy’ fence complaint infuriates Aussie mum: ‘Uncalled for’

Mum-of-three Renee Barendregt was 'shaking' with frustration after the interaction caused by a game of soccer in her backyard.

The small soccer net and ball positioned beside a fence (left) and Renee Barendregt shocked while talking to the camera (right).
Renee Barendregt was 'fuming' from her neighbour's complaint after she played soccer with her five-year-old son in their backyard. Source: TikTok

A mum's recent run in with her next-door neighbour has highlighted the tension which can come from sharing a fence with strangers after she claims her son was "yelled at" for kicking his ball and hitting their side of it.

Mum-of-three Renee Barendregt was kicking a soccer ball around with her son last week in her Adelaide backyard when she claims their playtime was disrupted by her neighbour who allegedly shouted over the fence at the pair, with the interaction leaving Renee "shaking and fuming".

"My neighbour just yelled at me from across the fence. I was playing ball with my son, my five year old son and we were kicking it in the goals. God forbid he hit the fence a few times," she said online.

She claims the neighbour was concerned the noise reverberating off their shared colorbond fence would "scare her animals" and suggested the mum should teach her children "respect".

"Yeah, my five year old's really trying to be malicious by kicking the ball in the goal and then accidentally hitting your fence," she said.

After expressing her frustration Renee kicks the ball against the fence one more time. "Here is one f**king more," she said.

After sharing her thoughts online Aussies started to take sides in the dispute and many were in agreement with the neighbour.

"I'm definitely with your neighbour. Nothing more agitating than a ball hitting the fence," one woman wrote, while another admitted the sound would drive her and her dogs "nuts" if her fence were on the receiving end of a kicked ball.

Others were also divided by Renee's 'one more' kick, with some thinking it was the "perfect" ending to bring home her point, saying it was "crazy" the neighbour was getting upset, while some believed it was "uncalled for" and would only exacerbate the tension between neighbours.

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